Who was Toby Wells?

From a young age, Toby believed and invested in people while assuming a vital role in his family’s business where he demonstrated both courage and incredible leadership skills. Bringing people together for a common goal seemed effortless with his sense of humor and love of adventure.

Toby was unselfishly devoted to his family and friends, and his caring loyalty is revered by those fortunate enough to have known him. As an avid animal lover, Toby did his part to rescue and rehome shelter pets while always encouraging others to show compassion for all beings.

Toby’s spirit remains an inspiration for both his family and foundation to follow. Toby Wells Blue Apple Ranch embodies Toby’s hardworking values and they are committed to instilling sound moral principles and promoting a strong work ethic while having fun!

Here’s to one of the remarkable few that not only transformed the destiny of many beings during his life, and also continues to do so in his passing. Toby’s family and foundation celebrate his legacy through programs at Toby Wells Blue Apple Ranch!

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