Toby Wells Blue Apple Ranch’s mission is to inspire responsibility and compassion by connecting people and animals. Through innovative programs that encourage young people to be mindful and kind while also providing at-risk horses a second lease on life, Toby Wells Blue Apple Ranch strives to encourage humanity while strengthening the bond between people and animals.


Helping people and making horses heard is an important part of Toby Wells Blue Apple Ranch’s work. Through increased awareness and an expanded network of support, Blue Apple Ranch strives for a balanced approach to rescue.


To educate as many young people as they can, Toby Wells Blue Apple Ranch must constantly endeavor to expand its reach, extend its programs, and to promote the well-being that develops between communities, people and horses. Education, outreach and awareness are important channels for their cause. Toby Wells Blue Apple Ranch is a passionate team who knows the value and richness in the connection between people and animals.

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